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Cool Down With These 10 Helpful Products for Spoonies With Heat Intolerance

By May 27, 2019 Chronic Pain

I hate heat. I truly do. As much as I enjoy wearing comfortable and pretty sundresses each year during the warmer months, I dread those months. Why? Because I’m a spoonie, and I have heat intolerance. When the temperature creeps above 70 degrees, my body heats up in response, and it feels like a fire that starts in my spinal column and spreads out onto my skin like lightning strikes.

I get overheated very easily, even when the weather is relatively cool. If I feel anxious, upset–any strong emotions–, or I do a bit of housework or heavy lifting, I get uncomfortably warm, and it saps my energy to the point where I become light-headed, irritated, and brain fogged. I have to grab a cool drink and sit in a dark room before I collapse.

Thankfully, once I get into the cool air, this feeling passes very quickly, but when I can’t relieve the feeling instantly, I start to panic, which, of course, only makes things worse.

While cold drinks and air conditioning are absolute lifesavers for me, sometimes it’s not enough. That’s why I’m always looking for new things to try to reduce my body’s overheating tendencies.

In this article, I’ll show you 10 products that can help reduce that terrible overheated feeling, so you can be a bit more comfortable this summer.

1. Sports Hydrators

I discovered sports hydrators last summer, and I can’t say enough good things about them. In addition to always being overheated, I have chronic dry mouth, and I feel like I can never get enough to drink. Sports hydrators contain thirst-quenching electrolytes that make me feel as refreshed as drinking a full glass of water while bathing in a waterfall. It really makes that much of a difference!

2. Cold Spray Bottle

The air conditioner in my car decided to crap out on me last summer, and before I could get it fixed, I used a plastic spray bottle with cold water and wet myself down as I drove along. It was a cheap and effective way to keep me from overheating before I reached my destinations. (I reluctantly put money toward fixing the AC a month later because an AC is not a luxury for me, it’s a necessity!)

3. Ice Packs

Speaking of air conditioning, I lived with my aunt some years back, and their upstairs windows were the old-fashioned crank style, and there was no way to get an air conditioner in them. To compensate, I slept with a fan on high, completely nude, and covered with ice packs. No shame. I had to survive!

4. Cooling Towels

Another really helpful way to stay cool in the summer is with cooling towels. Cooling towels are made of a lightweight fabric that helps keep you from overheating during a sporting event, hiking, yard work, etc. (But, of course, you can just use them even if you’re just sitting down or resting in bed.) You simply wet them, put them on the overheated part of your body and allow the evaporation process to cool you down!

5. Cooling Mist Fan

A personal, handheld cooling mist fan can help keep you from overheating by providing a gentle breeze mixed with cool water. You can use a cooling mist fan with or without an air conditioner, outside or inside. It’s perfect to use in the car if you’re stuck in it with the engine off for a bit, to make walks in the park more bearable, or to help you enjoy the sunshine on your front deck without the heat instantly chasing you back inside.

6. Cooling Band

A cooling band functions a bit like a cooling towel, only it’s a bit more versatile. With this particular model, you can dip it in cold water and wear it like a piece of clothing (scarf, headband, face cloth, etc.) whenever you need to cool down. It’s ideal for outdoor trips where a cooling towel is a bit too cumbersome.

7. Cooling Performance Hat

I don’t know about you, but when my head gets hot, everything gets hot, and it stays that way! I’m not big into hats because I’ve got a mop full of curly hair that looks horrible with “hat head”, but a cooling performance hat might be perfect for you!

Like the cooling towels and bands, you simply wet the hat in cold water, place it on your head, and get ready to feel instant relief. Another advantage of a cooling cap is that it also offers ultra-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from your skin and encourages quick drying.

8. Cooling Pillow

If you struggle with insomnia due to overheating and/or chronic pain, a cooling pillow might help you get the rest you need. The Xtreme Comforts Luxury Plush Gel Pillow helps keep you comfortable by drawing heat from your body and maximizing air circulation and heat transfer.

9. Arctic Cool Clothing

If you’re in the mood to splurge, there is a clothing brand called Arctic Cool that makes clothes with moisture-wicking technology and a cooling management system to keep your body temperature at a more comfortable level throughout the day.

10. Ice Vest

For an extra blast of cold that stays with you, there’s the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest. It’s basically a wearable refrigerator! These vests have pockets that hold cold panels that keep your overheated body cool for hours. The vest is washable, and you can repeatedly replace the icy panels as they warm up to enjoy a continuous stream of comforting coolness.

Heat intolerance is especially difficult for those living with a chronic illness. These products can help chill you out and keep you comfortable during the hottest months of the year.

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