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Have You Been Bullied By a Doctor? Share Your Story!

By December 18, 2017 January 23rd, 2018 Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Pain

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OK, it’s official. I can’t keep silent anymore. Over the past year or so, I have read and heard the most horrific stories of patients with chronic illness being bullied, blacklisted, and gaslit by their doctors…and the scope of the torment these people have had to endure is staggering!


There absolutely needs to be more awareness of chronic illness patient bullying by medical staff because it’s an epidemic!


It All Started With a Simple Question I Asked on Quora



I’m not sure what prompted me to ask this question on Quora almost two years ago. I think I may have seen a post on Facebook or another social media account about a patient being grossly mistreated by their doctor.


Anyway, when I asked “What’s the most unprofessional thing a doctor has said to you?”, I expected maybe I’d receive a dozen responses at most. It received HUNDREDS of responses within weeks, and some of the stories shared there are downright heinous and heartbreaking.


The Human Element – This Particular Story Touched Me to My Core



I found this article on PatientsRightsAdvocate.com from a link on Pinterest (I believe), and it touched me to my core.

I immediately got in touch with Pippit Carlington (the owner of the website), and, together, we created a petition designed to stop power-hungry doctors from bullying their patients. So far, it’s received over 400 signatures, and it’s growing in popularity by the day as more and more patients feel empowered to come forward.


More and More People Are Coming Forward – Share Your Story!



Last week, I asked the same question on Instagram, and I got another batch of shocking and angering responses.


That was it. I knew I needed to write an article about this (and this is where you come in).


I want to share your story and as many stories as I can in an ongoing piece for this website.


My hope is that once the sheer scope of this problem becomes clear, more people in positions of power will be moved to take action.


Here’s What to Do


First, sign this petition:


Second, tell your story by filling out the form below:


Pete the Pissed-Off Peacock doesn’t like a bully doc!


Email me at jaimeheidel@gmail.com (because apparently my form was NOT working).


You will remain completely anonymous unless you choose not to be!


Clear Is the New Black – The Transparency Movement Is Here to Stay



Since then, Pippit has shared a couple of videos with me that document the sobering reality of what many chronic illness patients are forced to endure. (And this is just the very tip of the iceberg.)


Meet the American woman who had to flee to Canada to get the life-saving treatment she so desperately needed!




Meet the gender non-binary person who speaks up on behalf of women who experience extreme sexism, especially in the chronic illness community.



Clear is the new black, and transparency is here to stay. There are movements across the country exposing racism, sexism, sexual assault, homophobia, and now…those who live with disabilities, chronic illness, and chronic pain have a platform to make their voices heard loud and clear.



We are here. We are human. We will not allow a doctor or any other medical professional to treat us as second-class citizens, talk down to us, bully us, threaten us, harass us, gaslight us, tell us our pain is “all in our heads”, or dismiss us anymore.


This type of treatment should be illegal, and if enough people stand up, sign the petition, and share their stories, it will be!


Want to do more?


Share this on social media using the hashtag #bullydoctor on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and more! Together, we can make a difference and show others they are not alone.


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