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The Scientifically-Proven Way to Recover From a Chronic Illness Without Getting out of Bed – (“The Connection” Movie Review)

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


Can’t get out of bed? You don’t have to move from the spot you’re in right now to begin your journey of recovery from chronic illness. Furthermore, from the first time you put these techniques into practice, you will experience healing and relief.


In today’s day and age, there is a 1 in 2 chance a person will end up with a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart failure, or cancer. Even though these and dozens of other diseases are not infectious, they are spreading fast.


So, what do you turn to when you feel like you’ve tried every doctor, pill, and so-called “miracle cure” in the book? What do you do when you’ve literally done everything in your power to heal your chronic illness?


You re-discover a remarkable, scientifically-proven way to heal yourself using your mind.


Sound far-fetched? You wouldn’t be the first person to think so. But, try to resist the temptation to click off this article and watch a cat video on YouTube. Please, just bear with me.


Today, I watched a simple and enlightening movie called The Connection.  Unlike other movies in this genre, The Connection avoids language about mystical healing and does not make you feel as though you somehow “attracted” your chronic illness into your life.


It stays 100 percent positive throughout and simply explains, in layman’s terms, the science behind the mind-body connection and exactly how the techniques outlined in the movie can empower you to take control of your chronic illness.


One patient featured in the movie was a non-drinker, non-smoker, and vegetarian who exercised regularly and had no family history of cardiac disease. Despite these facts, he still suffered a heart attack while out for a run one day.


The reason? Stress.


After modifying his lifestyle, including how he responds to and copes with stress, he is in much better health.


Another individual with stage 4 melanoma was told his disease was virtually incurable and that he was unlikely to survive.


Renowned physician and writer Dr. Andrew Weil (who is also featured in this movie) refers to this type of statement from doctors as “medical hexing”. Not because it has any supernatural effects on the patient, but because of the very real and negative effects it has on the mind of a person who is in a fearful and vulnerable position.   


(Don’t worry. The “hexing” didn’t work. Not only did the man with melanoma survive, he thrived!)


Another gentleman with a genetic history of multiple sclerosis developed the disease at 45 years of age and is now, thanks to following the techniques outlined in The Connection, has completely recovered from his illness!



Sometimes, it’s the simplest things, like the very real power of our mind-body connection, that can elude us when we’re desperately searching for relief.  


No matter how long you’ve been living with a chronic illness, there is still hope. Once you understand The Connection and put its techniques into practice, everything else will fall into place.


My two favorite lines from the movie:


“In Western science, unless you see it, it isn’t real. Unless you can measure it, it isn’t real.” – Esther Sternberg, MD

This line really stuck with me because, as you’ve no doubt experienced, getting some Western medical professionals to take your chronic illness seriously can sometimes be as difficult as living with the disease itself.


 “It’s not about changing your life. It’s about changing your relationship to your life.” – Sara Lazar, PhD

This line speaks for itself. You don’t have to make big, complicated changes in your life to get results, you just have to shift your perception of it.


I highly recommend this movie to anyone living with chronic illness. It’s concise, easy to understand, and offers not only hope, but practical and effective methods you can start using to heal yourself today!


Click on the movie poster below to begin your healing journey.


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