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Stop Power-Hungry Doctors From Bullying Their Patients! – (Petition)

This horror story that will sound all-too-familiar to those with chronic illness:


On December 3, 2015, Pippit Carlington, a 55-year-old patient with several established chronic illnesses and also on the autism spectrum, presented at the ER with severe near syncope, lower GI spasticity, and systemic weakness just 4 days after having been released from another area hospital where she’d been admitted for 11 days for the same symptoms.


Pippit Carlington

Pippit Carlington


Given no food for 9 hours, only a small cup of water and an IV jammed roughly into her arm, but no saline fluids given even after treating professionals had been informed this patient was dysautonomic (a condition by which the nervous system does not work as it should), and given none of her prescribed medication, she was allowed to suffer in agony hour upon hour, given nothing but Valium by ER staff for her severe distress, treated cruelly and callously, and toyed with by a glib mid-level hospitalist and a neurology resident.



Skeptical Female Doctor


Based on incomplete records from that prior hospitalization, the neurologist who was on call that evening subjected her to both physical and psychological abuse disguised as a neurological exam; asked interrogative, pointed, and leading questions, beat her with his hammer, then jumped to the conclusion that because the first level of testing was non-diagnostic that what was wrong with the patient must be psychological.




Millions of people go through this type of institutional bullying every single day, and it has to be stopped!


If you’ve ever been bullied by a doctor or another medical professional, you know how serious this problem is. Click on the link below to sign this incredibly important petition, and share it with your friends!


Stop Power-Hungry Doctors From Bullying, Gaslighting, and Blacklisting Their Patients!



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