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Open “Impossible” Plastic Packaging Easily and Safely With Nimble!

By April 18, 2016 August 25th, 2018 Chronic Pain, Sponsored Product Reviews

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for my time through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own, and I was in no way influenced by the company.


What the heck is up with plastic packaging? I’ll never understand why manufacturers insist on encasing their products in such thick, sharp-edged plastic.


You pry, struggle, and swear while your hands get red and sore, then, when you finally get the package open, there’s a whole other layer to deal with.


Next, you’re forced to battle twist ties, rubber bands, tape, and yet more plastic. By the time you have finally freed the product from its complicated prison, you’re too frustrated and tired to even want to use it anymore!


If you’ve been looking for a package opener that opens plastic packages easily, you’ve got to try Nimble.


It may look like a little yellow finger puppet, but it’s actually a ceramic package opener that safely opens nearly every type of packaging in a single swipe.


Nimble Is Safer Than Box Cutters and Knives Because It’s Ceramic


While going to town on a stubborn plastic package with a box cutter or knife may relieve some wrap rage, it can also be quite dangerous. All it takes is one slip of the blade for you to get a cut deep enough to need stitches.


Nimble offers a safe alternative in its ceramic blade. The small but sharp cutting surface gets the job done without putting you at any risk.


Perfect for Someone With Chronic Pain and Neurological Conditions


If the healthiest, most able-bodied individuals struggle with plastic packaging, those with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or neurological conditions that weaken the muscles have it even harder.

Not to mention other chronic conditions where pain, lack of muscular coordination, and low energy is a daily reality.


I’ll be honest. Nothing is easy for me to open. Jars, plastic packaging, cardboard boxes, you name it, I struggle to open it. Not only does my TBI (traumatic brain injury) make my grip much weaker than it should be, it also makes me clumsy. So, it goes without saying that myself and large, sharp objects are not a good mix.


With Nimble, there is no struggle and no way for even me (the most uncoordinated person I know) to injure myself.


How Nimble Worked for Me


I got my trial Nimble on Monday, along with a complimentary package of gummy candy. I put the Nimble on my finger, make one quick slicing motion on the plastic, and the candy tumbled right out.


A few days later, I received some supplements and contact lenses I’d ordered through the mail and was able to open everything with ease.





You don’t need to use much pressure. Just slip the Nimble on your index finger and give the package a gentle, even slice at its thinnest point. You may have to swipe it a couple of times until you get the hang of it, but the packaging will give, and you’ll be able to use your hands to open the rest.


You can currently order the Nimble via their Kickstarter campaign where they are raising the funds for the next batch of Nimbles.


Don’t know what Kickstarter is? It’s a great way for businesses to raise money and for you to get a great deal on a product! You pre-order the product, and once it’s available, they send it to you. In return, you get a discount off of the suggested retail price.


(Also, when you visit the Kickstarter page, don’t forget to check out those ‘early bird’ deals!)


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