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10 Natural Beauty Supplies Under $10

By May 2, 2013 August 25th, 2018 Natural Beauty
You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune to Look Beautiful.

Conventional Beauty Products Contain Dangerous Chemicals

There are literally millions of beauty supplies out there on the market. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t even worth half of what you’re paying for them. What’s worse, most conventional beauty supplies are absolutely loaded with dangerous chemicals that cause everything from allergies to neurological dysfunction.

Your best bet for enhancing your looks without harming your health is to turn to natural beauty supplies.

Here’s a list of my personal favorite natural beauty supplies for under $10.

1.     Dry Skin Brush

A dry skin brush is one of the best natural beauty supplies you haven’t invested in yet. Using a dry skin brush before you step into the shower improves your blood circulation, releases toxins, exfoliates your skin, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

2.     Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is one of my favorite natural beauty supplies because it’s completely natural. It tones and repairs your skin while easing inflammation and eliminating acne. I used it twice a day and I love how refreshed and clean my skin feels each time.

3.     Castile Soap

I love this stuff. I talk about it every chance I get. I don’t know how or why I never listened to my hippie friends before who tried to introduce me to it years ago. It does everything! A bottle of castile soap replaces shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, laundry detergent, and dish soap. It’s completely natural and much safer for you than all those chemical-laden products you’re probably using right now.

4.     Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural beauty supplies I’ve ever come across. After my diagnosis and surgery for skin cancer back in 2007, I threw away every cosmetic product containing toxins and carcinogens. Now, organic coconut oil is my only skin lotion. Coconut oil is incredible for your skin. Its high lauric acid content makes it the ideal topical antioxidant to treat inflammatory skin problems like acne and rosacea.

The high fat content of coconut oil leaves your skin feeling soft and creamy hours after it’s been applied. There’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower and slathering it all over. Most brands can be purchased for anywhere from $8 to $15.

5.     Tea

Tea is one of my favorite natural beauty supplies. Caffeinated green tea bags placed over your eyes is the perfect under eye puffiness and dark circle reducer. If you want to lighten your hair naturally, you can use a chamomile tea rinse to bring back that golden glow.

6.     French Clay

I won’t use any other skincare mask except for French clay. Too many products on the market have chemicals and additives I want nothing to do with. With French clay, that’s all you’re getting. You just mix enough of the stuff with a bit of water, smooth it over clean skin, let it dry, and rinse it off in the sink or shower. It exfoliates your skin, tightens your pores, and reduces skin inflammation. Love it.

7.     Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that repairs broken skin and boosts collagen production. It neutralizes free radicals responsible for premature aging and eases inflammatory skin conditions. It also helps minimize the appearance of scars.

8.     Baking Soda

Baking soda is the bomb. It’s one of my favorite natural beauty supplies and it costs under $1! Once a week, I mix baking soda, castile soap, and a little bit of water to make a paste. I wet my face and gently exfoliate my skin with the mixture, rinse with warm water, then switch a splash of cold water to tighten my pores.

9.     Mineral Make-Up

Nearly all eye-shadows, blushes, and loose powders are made from minerals but are then treated with unnatural chemicals and dyes. When you choose 100% natural mineral make-up, you’re just going back to basics. It offers a light, smooth coverage that looks completely natural and let’s your skin breathe. I love SunCat Natural Mineral Make-up. I’ve been using her products for 6 years and can’t say enough good things about her make-up.

10.    Essential Oils

I stopped using antiperspirant years ago. I switch to a combination of crystal deodorant and lavender essential oil. Essential oils in general make excellent beauty products and, with the exception of a few, most cost under $10. Tea tree oil is a great choice for acne-prone skin. Lavender, jasmine, and tangerine make easy, natural perfumes.

Natural beauty supplies save both your wallet and your health. What are your favorite natural beauty products?

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