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Stop Chronic Abdominal Cramping Now

By January 18, 2013 August 25th, 2018 Chronic Pain, Digestive Health, Mystery Symptoms

stop_chronic_abdominal_cramping_nowAbdominal cramping affects people at almost epidemic proportions. If abdominal cramps are the norm for you, you’re not alone. Before you head to the pharmacy for some more gas pills or liquid anti-diarrheal, learn the real cause behind chronic stomach pain and what you can do to get rid of it for good.

What Causes Abdominal Cramping?

Abdominal cramps are caused by chronic inflammation of the intestine. This inflammation is commonly caused by poor digestion, intestinal parasites or food allergies. The best way to stop abdominal cramping is to get the root cause of the problem.

Poor digestion is a common problem in today’s society. Junk food, chronic use of antibiotics, NSAID pain relievers, and stress deplete the intestines of healthy gut bacteria and enzymes so digestion is slow and troubled.

Intestinal parasites affect over 50% of the population and can cause chronic abdominal cramps. Other symptoms of intestinal parasites include gurgling intestines, flatulence, rectal itching, irritability, anxiety, waking in the middle of the night (around 3 a.m.), and uncontrollable diarrhea. Click on the upcoming link to learn more about intestinal parasites and how I cured mine naturally.

A food allergy is the most common cause of chronic abdominal cramps. Gluten and lactose intolerance are the two most common food allergies gastrointestinal pain sufferers experience.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. A person with intolerance to this protein is unable to digest it. This leads to chronic abdominal cramps, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, nutritional deficiencies, muscle aches, sinus problems, and brain fog that can become almost debilitating.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. A person with lactose intolerance is unable to digest this sugar. This leads to chronic bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Natural Treatments for Abdominal Cramps

One of the best ways to stop abdominal cramps is to figure out what’s causing them. This means cutting both gluten and lactose products out of your diet for at least one month. If your symptoms stop or subside considerably, you’re well on your way to figuring out what’s been causing your pain all this time.

Reintroduce generous portions of gluten products to your diet after the 30-day period is over. If gluten is the problem, you’ll know. Trust me. Do the same thing with lactose products. The symptoms will return immediately and you’ll know which of them you need to eliminate from your diet.

In order to stop abdominal cramps for good, you need to improve your digestion completely and this goes way beyond eliminating food allergies and intestinal parasites. If you’ve been living with abdominal cramps for years or even decades, your intestines have suffered some serious damage. Getting it back on track will take a little bit of work and some commitment on your part. But believe me, the effort will be well worth it.

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