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Test of Fire: Election 2012 – No Separation Between Church and State

By October 19, 2012 Videos

Ordinarily, I post about natural health and how to take good care of your body so you no longer have to suffer with mystery symptoms and I leave the political talk to the experts. However, a family member sent me this appalling video and I felt absolutely compelled to share it.

This video is one of the most ridiculous and frightening political stunts I’ve ever seen. No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, this video proves that there is no such thing as a separation between church and state. It is wrong on all levels and goes against everything this country was founded on.

What’s even worse, I believe some people will actually be frightened into voting Republican because this ad tells them if they do not, they will burn for eternity in the fires of Hell. This has GOT to stop.

Watch if you dare and share, share, SHARE!

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