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Boosting Your Metabolism to Lose Weight….Does It Work?

By January 17, 2012 August 25th, 2018 General Health

Most people want a strong metabolism and it seems like everyone has the perfect recipe that will increase it. These include everything from manmade supplements, natural foods, exercise routines and meditational practices.

However, before you buy into any of these claims that a certain supplement or exercise can boost your metabolism by rates enough to lose a significant amount of body fat, you should really take a close look at four common fallacies that exist on this topic about the metabolism.

1. Rapid Weight Loss Will ‘Damage’ Your Metabolism

First and foremost there is no such thing as ‘damaging’ your metabolism. “Metabolism” simply refers to the processes in your body at a given time. From this perspective then, the metabolism can never be damaged. The metabolism is just a portrayal of these processes and not the process itself. Even people who are afflicted with a severely wasting disease will be functioning normal after they recover.

Unless you have a diagnosed metabolic disorder that will actually change the normal routine that your body processes fuel – and this is very rare – then you’re body is processing food/fuel just like everybody else. Weight gain seems to happen over longer periods of time, but weight loss almost always happens quickly (10-16 weeks). There is some research indicating that when someone has lost significant weight the metabolism is functioning perfectly normal all the way through and at the end of their fast weight loss.

2. Special Foods Can Boost Metabolism at High Rates

You can boost your metabolism, but you’re not likely as much as 50 to 100 percent as some say you can. Science says that an elevated metabolic rate has very specific symptoms like when you exercise, your metabolic rate is elevated and your body shows symptoms such as fatigue, perspiration, an elevated heart rate, heavy breathing, and thirst.

Bodybuilders and fitness models will often use a drug called Clenbuterol to increase their metabolism. Clenbuterol causes the symptoms of an elevated metabolic rate such as noted above. Drugs like these will cause the evaluated metabolism but so-called metabolism-boosting recipes such as taking a teaspoon of cinnamon or drinking a cup of green tea will not emulate these symptoms.

3. Obese People Have a Slower Metabolic Rate than Non-Obese People

This is a common misconception that overweight or obese people have a slower metabolic rate and that they are not burning enough calories. The reality is that these people – when compared to height and age matched non overweight people – have a higher metabolism and would burn more calories on a daily basis. A bigger body that has more mass and is processing more food is doing more work.

Metabolism is just the description of all the metabolic processes going on in your body.

If your body is bigger than your friend for instance and you regularly eat more food than he/she does then you’re body is busy processing that food and increasing fat mass in your body.

This translates to a higher metabolic rate or a greater degree of calories burned per day compared to someone who isn’t as big and not eating as much.

This does not produce weight loss; it just means that a bigger body has a bigger metabolism and a smaller body has a smaller metabolism.

What this all means is that if you want to lose weight then you should forget about the word metabolism. Remove it from your vocabulary and focus on eating less food.

4. Breakfast Kick Starts your Metabolism

Eating breakfast has no special effect on your metabolism. If you like to eat breakfast then you should enjoy it but don’t expect it to help with your ability to burn calories. There are some claims that breakfast can also help with cognitive function but this research was only shown to have an effect in children.

It may be that growing children might do better in school if they get something to eat in the morning simply because it keeps them happy and more attentive in class. That may be the case for children but it is very clear there is no effect of breakfast on adults.

In conclusion, if you want to lose weight then work on eating less not burning more.Your diet should help you lose body fat and your exercise routine should be help you maintain or increase your muscle mass. These two methods combined are the best way to lose weight for a long term solution.

Guest post by: Will from Sprained Ankle Institute. He also writes for Lose Weight Fast.

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