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How Food Affects Your Libido

By March 9, 2011 August 25th, 2018 General Health

Are These Foods Helping or Hindering Your Love Life?

Sexual arousal is a natural, healthy part of human life. Sometimes, we’re just not in the mood to be intimate. However, if lack of interest is more the rule than the exception for you, it might be time to investigate the cause of a dampened libido.

Depression, certain medications, age and health all have an effect on the desire for sex. So can food. In this article, we will take a look at how certain foods decrease sexual desire and how others can put you in the mood.

Mood-Killing Foods


Soy is of the most potent libido killers in men. Though men naturally have some of the female hormone, estrogen, eating soy can raise this level too high and dramatically decrease sex drive.

There are two natural drugs found in soy that cause this to happen. They are genistein and daidzein. In addition to lack of libido, men who consume soy on a regular basis may notice breast enlargement, decreased facial and body hair growth, bouts of crying and erectile dysfunction.

Vegetarian men are not the only ones affected. Bodybuilders and athletes who use protein shakes and bars would do well to read the label on their products to see if they contain soy.

Fast Food/Fried Food

Those who regularly eat fast food and fried food are at an increased risk of depression and, as most know, depression and lack of sex drive go hand-in-hand. Also, fast food is chock full of unhealthy trans fat, which has been linked to reduced testosterone levels and arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a hardening of the arteries that prevents adequate blood flow to the sexual organs, leading to diminished responsiveness.


Although alcohol is commonly blamed for casual sexual encounters, it is not because polishing off an entire bottle of wine or six pack of beer puts you in the mood. It’s just lowering your inhibitions. Excessive alcohol consumption decreases circulation, which can affect both male and female sexual responsiveness. Also, becoming drunk may bring on nausea and the sex you do have won’t be very enjoyable anyway. Limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks. It will be enough to help you relax without killing the mood.



Mood-Enhancing Foods

Dark Chocolate

There are two chemical compounds in dark chocolate that make this food a potent aphrodisiac: anandamide and phenylethylamine. These compounds cause the body to release the same endorphins triggered by sex and physical activity. Also, dark chocolate is said to be the only food that, when eaten, makes people feel as though they are “falling in love”.

Sirloin Steak

Our brains contain a chemical called acetylcholine, which is responsible for sending sexual signals from our brains to our sex organs. A six-ounce serloin steak contains about 60-140 mg of a compound called “choline”, which can help boost this natural chemical and stimulate sex drive. When choosing meat, opt for organic. Commercial meat is filled with growth hormones and antibiotics that can have the exact opposite effect on your sex life and health.


Blueberries are a magical little fruit. Not only are they rich in fiber but they help lower cholesterol and increase blood flow and circulation by relaxing necessary blood vessels. Have a serving of this fruit three times per week for best results.

If you’re having less sexual desire than you’d like to have, take a closer look at what you’re eating. Having a healthy, well-balanced body and mind is the first step to a satisfying sex life!

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